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When you get your Secure Banking Software between 2-3 business days, you’ll have an innovative platform with the best tecnology that it’s going to protect and organize all your clients bank accounts.


20+ currency



Perfect Money



5+ currency


10+ currency


BlockChain API


Etherscan API

Bitcoin Cash

CoinBase API


Coingate API


Coinbase API

Created by developers for Bankers

Do you like the Banking Software? We can install this White-Labeled Banking Software in your server and add multiple currencies, commodities like gold, silver and crypto
100% open source code

Experiment and make any changes to the code! Our platform is ready to integrate new gateways, currencies and technologies. There are no restrictions!

#1 We are The Best Banking Software

All our clients are successful owners of financial platforms and We are happy and proud of all our clients success.

Best technology for large projects

PHP 7 server backend and clear Bootstrap style for account frontend. Comments in the code will save you from headache in work. Have questions? Our support works 7 days a week.

Easy to install

The installation process resembles simple registration in website. There are no technical flaws and coding. Just run the silent installation and wait 5 seconds.

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The User Section is Beatiful

All of your clients will be able to receive wire-transfers, send money to other users, as well as have saving or checking accounts in different currencies.

UX/UI made with love

The Admin is Easy and Safe to manage

You can create accounts, send money to bank accounts, check your client reports, change the language, logos, add multi-currencies and more.

Informative real-time widgets! Transaction and user activity monitoring

Your Banking Software comes with more features

Secure Paymentz is always going to update the system every month and you'll be able to have new features like these one
Any language

You can translate this Banking Software in multiple languages and if you can’t find your language you can always translate the system manually

All the currencies available

This banking script also gives you the opportunity to add multiple fiat currencies, commodities like gold, silver as well your own currency if you like

SEO friendly

You can promote your Banking System with Secure Paymentz very easily and get new sign ups. The system allows you to turn on the captcha or use e-mail verification

We can customize your banking system

If you want to customize the banking software script or you need to add additional options, Secure Paymentz can do it for you.

Accept payments with merchant system

Set your own rules - commission, currencies, conditions, minimum and
maximum limits. Crypto and fiat money
Payment API Available

Secure Paymentz offers an open payment acceptance protocol on third-party sites. Any currency is supported. Simple payment form generator will help you get started quickly without any coding.

Banking Ready to go

We are in fast times and this banking script is ready to go. We can install the software in 2-3 business days and connect the merchants api to help you to start making profit with the system.

Try all the Banking features right now

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