Do you need a Banking Software?

This is the perfect system for businesses that want to have a bank-like system, administer user accounts, Mobile Banking, affiliate systems, or financial institutions, as well as multi-level businesses.

Here's Why you need this Banking Software

Having this Banking Software can help save you hundreds of hours of work and the best part is you can start your project in less than one work week. Secure Paymentz will give you all the knowledge that you’ll need to create your project and start running your banking software.
Reason #1
The Best Banking Software
The Banking Software installation is quick and easy, and the great part about this banking system is that the source code is not encrypted, echo hallows customizations to the system as well as giving you control of the data base of your clients.
Reason #2
White-label Banking Script
Secure Paymentz offers an advanced system that can connect to your banking network with prepaid cards as well as visa, MasterCard, etc. When your clients purchase something with their debit cards, they will automatically be able to see their transactions in their online banking account.
Reason #3
Top eWallet Software
Our service also includes customer support, as well as the ability to buy support hours with us if you have a lot of clientes. With this options we can answer all of your questions for your clients in a more concise manner. For this additional service, please get in contact with Secure Paymentz for additional information.
Reason #4
Core Banking Software

Created by developers for Bankers

Banking Software - Main Section

What can I do with this Banking Software?

Many clients use this banking software like a mini-bank for financial institutions, Forex, Bitcoins, schools, supermarkets, taxes, or to be able to connect magnetic cards so that a user can use them in different businesses and verify the purchase with a bank system.
  • Instant exchange
  • Fiat currency
  • Digital Currencies
  • Security Access
  • API developers
  • Dedicated Server
Banking Software - Admin Section

What features does the Admin offer?

This Admin System comes with the best programing systems, and the best information security so that your clients can feel safe using this banking system.
The system has an administrator section where you can manage all users and can also make transactions, both manual and automatic. If you have an API, we can install it and make the system automated.
In addition to a system admin, it also has a section for users where each user can deposit, transfer money or withdraw funds.
Banking Software - User Section

Can my users verify their balance?

One of the fabulous features that this system has is that all of the users can verify all of their transactions in the control panel. They can also make transfers between users and internationally if the system is connected to a banking network.
  • Fast Transactions
  • Multi Currency
  • Unlimited Accounts

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100% open source code

Experiment and make any changes to the code! Our platform is ready to integrate new gateways, currencies and technologies. There are no restrictions!
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Great on any device

The system is compatible with any device, which makes it so you can provide an excellent experience to all your users, and helps you be the best banking system.
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Popular deposit methods

We can connect your banking software with hundreds of deposit methods, you just need to send us your API documentation and we will take care of installing your system.
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Banking Ready to Go

The Banking installation process resembles simple registration in website. There are no technical flaws and coding. Just run the silent installation and wait 5 seconds.
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Opportunities are always present, this is why this opportunity is special. You could save time and money with our banking software. We know that we’re in fast times, and our main focus is to give you the services that you deserve.